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At Archuleta Group, we treat every new web design and web development project with the same care that we do our own. We are a customer service-focused digital agency, WordPress development company, and custom web development agency that provides a full range of digital expertise to clients in all industries. Our process is straightforward and results-driven to get you up and running as fast as possible.

Our web designers include web development experts, UI/UX experts, and experienced digital strategists. We have over 20 years of combined experience working with large and small brands. Contact us today for a free proposal and a clear way forward. 

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Our Web Design Process

Before we get started with creating your new custom website, let’s take a moment to understand how we work and what makes a good website. We started Aspiring Websites with one simple goal in mind: to help our clients launch their online ventures with a quality, professional website. While we’re proud of what we do, there isn’t anything quite like seeing a finished product. Successful websites can be the difference between a customer recommending your brand to others or running for the door. We take pride in providing this kind of service. Please contact us to see examples of our work and get your free proposal.


Our austin web development process starts with what the goal of your website is. This can range from leads to app downloads. We like to have a discovery call and walk through this.

Web Design


After the discovery phase, we will move to the design phase. Here we will assign a dedicated designer to your project. Our web design team will then produce proposed mockups of how your site will look.

web development


After all page designs have been approved by you we will move to the development phase. This phase is where we take your designs and actually write the code that makes your website work.

Go Live

Deploying your site is the process of taking the code we built and pushing it to your production (or live) web server so you can start to receive web traffic right away.


We can deploy your site to any host you like. However, we do offer hosting plans that include everything you need to run a fast and secure site. We host all of our websites on Flywheel (owned by WPengine).

“Homepage Live “ Strategy

This is a process where we build your homepage first and push it live right away. After your homepage is live we then return to the design phase to finish your internal pages. This strategy is helpful if you want to get up and running quickly, want to start running search ads right away, or if you want to start sending customers to your website as quickly as possible.

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Tips to Make Your Digital Marketing Strategy Work For You

Your value proposition should be crystal clear at all times. You can spend a ton of money on paying for advertising and fancy websites, but if your visitors can’t understand you, you’ll never see the results you are looking for.

When you develop a digital marketing strategy, you need to make sure that customer service is part of your strategy. Customer service is by far one of the most important parts of digital marketing.

Use Reviews all over the place if you have them. Nothing promotes your business more than your current customers.

Optimize your content for SEO with a well thought out hub and spoke model.

Test, Test, and Test again.

Frequently asked questions

Custom WordPress websites can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks to complete or longer. This largely depends on the number of unique pages, functionality, and client feedback.

We bill our custom websites as fixed fee projects. In other words, we create a proposal for you based on your requirements for a single price for all the design and development work. Our custom websites start at $4000.

Most of our websites are built using WordPress. However, we do have extensive experience in Webflow as well. 

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