Tips for finding (and working with) a Marketing Agency
May 25, 2020
Digital Marketing

The smartest decision you can make as a savvy entrepreneur is turning over the bulk of the heavy lifting of your digital outreach to the right marketing agency in Austin.

Running your business, especially if you are new to the game, is going to take up a lot of your time and a lot of your energy. Having to focus squarely on customer acquisition, customer retention, and all the other pieces of the marketing puzzle on top of everything else can burn entrepreneurs out in a hurry.

By shifting gears and hiring the best marketing agency Austin has to offer to take these responsibilities – or at least the implementation of your marketing strategies – off your plate you free up your time, your energy, and your mental bandwidth to focus and other high leverage areas.

In order to find the right marketing agency in Austin, though, you want to zero in on the details we hide below.

Outline Your Goals

It’s impossible to work with even the best marketing agency Austin has to offer and enjoy any real success without having concrete goals to shoot for ahead of time.

Every business on the planet wants to grow (particularly when it comes to profits) – with those kinds of goals aren’t close to concrete. You need to really refine your thinking, get specific with your goals (double new customer lists in 12 months, for example), and express them to prospective marketing agencies to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Otherwise it’s like taking a cross-country trip without a final destination in mind. What could you ever punch into the GPS with that kind of approach?

What Resources are You Bringing to the Table?

Marketing is going to require a pretty significant investment of resources – and we don’t just mean money (though that’s obviously going to be a critical resource you’ll want to bring to bear).

You’ll want to think about any specific marketing experience you or your team have, any marketing campaigns or resources that have worked in the past you can share with your agency, or any advantages and unique selling position that give you a leg up over the competition that your marketing agency in Austin can leverage for maximum effect.

Don’t just think of your marketing resources as raw dollars available to throw at campaigns. Think about intellectual resources, creative resources, personnel resources, unique marketing philosophy resources, and the like to make your marketing more effective the gate.

Experience is Critical

Of all the things you want your new marketing agency in Austin to have, experience in helping businesses like yours grow is the most important.

There are a lot of top-tier marketing shops, experts, and agencies in Austin (and throughout the rest of the country – the world, really), some of them with some pretty crazy success stories under their belt, but how that success directly translates to the business you’re looking to grow is most important here.

Talk to prospective agencies about the work they have done for other clients as well as the success that they have been able to generate. They may or may not be able to give you exact specifics (depending on the type of contract and relationship they have with their clients), but they should be able to give you broad strokes so that you know what you are getting into.

This isn’t to suggest that new marketing agencies in Austin are to be avoided at all costs. Sometimes these agencies are created by really talented marketers that know how to push all the right buttons.

It’s just that your odds of success skyrocket dramatically work with veterans that know how to push a flood of customers to your business because they’ve done it in the past.

Is the Marketing Agency In-House or an Outsource Shop?

Another critical question that you have to have answered by the best marketing agencies in Austin today is whether they operate “in-house” or outsource the mechanics of your marketing campaign elsewhere.

The odds are pretty good that even though you are interested in outsourcing your marketing to top-tier marketing agencies in Austin you don’t necessarily want them turning around and outsourcing the work to someone else – something that happens in this industry a lot more often than you might be aware of.

After all, this kind of working relationship really reduces the “agency” down to a middleman collecting commissions and fees on work that they are just farming out to other contractors, contractors you’ve never met, never heard of, and may not be comfortable working with in the first place.

In-house operations may be a little more expensive, but there’s a lot more confidence, a lot more comfort, and a lot more certainty in working with these kinds of operations.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone has to be working in Austin physically (some of the best marketing agencies in Austin have employees all over the world), but it does mean that these employees should be working for the agency first and foremost – not subcontracting on a piecemeal kind of basis.

Communication is Key

As with everything else in business you want to be sure that open lines of communication are built, that transparency is a major part of your relationship with the marketing agency you’ve selected, and that you can confidently and comfortably call anytime you need to (within reason) to talk about your marketing.

This does not mean that your marketing agency needs to be available 24/7, 365 days a year and insanely responsive to all of your communications.

But it does mean that they should be taking your calls or returning them promptly, that they are regularly communicating through email or through a project management platform, and that your never “left in the dark” about the marketing decisions being made on your business’s behalf

What’s Your Gut Telling You?

At the end of the day, all of the details that we highlighted above are a huge piece of the puzzle in making sure that you’re working with the best marketing agency Austin has to offer you.

At some point in time, though, you’re going to have to trust your gut, go with your instincts, and rely on the research and due diligence you’ve done to make the right decision.

It might be a good idea to start small with marketing projects to figure out which agency works for you in a “real world” kind of application before committing to major projects. The willingness of agencies to go down this road will usually tell you a lot about their legitimacy and confidence, too.

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