War Machine

War Machine is a custom lead generation system we built that was intended to generate leads for B2B sales teams. The functionality included geographic automated lead sourcing, category lead sourcing, data normalization, and contact harvesting. The system was built on an Angular 2 front end, Node, and firebase as a NoSQL database.

War Machine Login

This screenshot is the custom designed login screen for War Machine. We were able to customize the login screen for all clients using the system to keep branding cohesive across organizations.

Search a Vertical

The process started by searching a vertical by geographical region. Once the require parameters were set, the system would execute the search and gather all business data within that vertical for the geographic area. Clients could even manage multiple searches.


This screenshot is a view of the search executing. After entering all the required parameters, clients would be taken tot his screen where they would wait for the results. After the search was complete, clients were displayed a map showing all locations within each zip code and could mark them complete, or export all or some of the data to a .csv.

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