Sweet Tickets

Sweet Tickets is a custom proprietary system that tracks and predicts the future ROI of NFL suite sales for NFL teams. We designed and built an algorithm that tracks purchase prices, customer lifetime/deal values, food and beverage costs, social data on team matchups, and offensive and defensive production. This data is fed into our algorithm and produces a Sweet Score. The Sweet Score is a numerical value that predicts how exciting a game will be for customers and the potential ROI a customer can expect. This project was built using an Angular front end, Node, and a Firebase NoSQL backend.

The Sweet Score

This screenshot is a custom generated report from the Sweet Tickets system that showed a potential client the ROI of a suite sale. In this particular report, the purchase generated a Sweet Score of 78 with a 16% deal boost. The deal boost was calculated based on offensive and defensive production mixed with social sentiment surround a particular matchup. In short, if the game was going to be exiting and your clients were big fans, it was more likely you would close a deal.

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