Shaman/Weed Will Call is a custom application that was built to serve the growing legal marijuana industry. We built an e-commerce system that managed inventory, provided automated marketing drip campaigns, and allowed marijuana prescription holders to order and pay for their marijuana ahead of time for pickup at the local dispensary. Shaman and Weed Will Call were built using WordPress, PHP, SQL, Woo-commerce, Angular, Node, Firebase, and a NoSQL database. At its height, we served various dispensaries including the Hightimes, highest-ranked dispensary, World of Weed. This product was Acquired in 2016.

Shaman Custom Login

This is a screenshot of the custom-built login to the Shaman system. All clients were able to use this same page, no matter the WordPress front end to manage their data, orders, and clients.

Custom Sales and Revenue Reports

This is a screenshot of the custom sales and revenue dashboard every shaman customer would have access to. The system reported in real time on e-commerce orders and tracked revenue. These metrics could be filtered by date, product, and even by an individual sales person.

Order View

We build a custom order view dashboard that allowed staff to monitor and process online orders in real time. This dashboard allowed managers to track order status, pickup details, customer details, and item detail. 

Custom Promotions and Coupons

Online promotions and coupons go hand in hand with e-commerce. Here we built a custom management system for creating and viewing analytics on coupon codes that could be used on any store with the Shaman/Weed Will Call system. Clients could set a discount type (cart, cart %, product, or product %) and apply to all online stores. Each discount could have usage limits set. Each coupon also reported on how many times it was used and by what customer.

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